What Is A Pawn Shop?


What Is A Pawn Shop?

How does a Pawn Shop Work? 

Right now you might be asking yourself, what is a pawn shop? How does a pawn shop work? A pawn shop offers collateral loans on valuable items. When a customer does not repay or renew the loan by an agreed upon date, the pawn shop keeps the items. So what does a pawn shop buy? Different pawn shops will specialize in different types of items; some are strictly a gold pawn shop, while other shops accept musical instruments, electronics, appliances, cars, collectables, and other types of valuable items. Here at Oceanside Jewelers, being that we are a custom jewelry store as well as a licensed pawnbroker we like to consider ourselves a true jewelry pawn shop. Our staff of professional jewelers and gemologists is highly knowledgeable about fine jewelry, diamonds, diamond rings and diamond wedding rings for women, as well as fine watches. This allows us to give the best possible assessment of your fine jewelry. Unlike popular reality shows depicting pawn shops Las Vegas, pawn shops in Hollywood and even pawn shops in Michigan, where pawnbrokers try to intimidate and lowball customers and over sensationalize the transactions, at Oceanside Jewelers we pride ourselves on building a reputation for fairness, security, and confidentiality in a comfortable friendly environment.

You also might be wondering, where do I find pawn shops near me? There is a lot of information out there on the web, such as a pawn shop locator that searches for the nearest pawn shop, gold buyers or online jewelry stores that may offer mail-in gold buying or jewelry buying services, but there is not an online pawn shop. Online pawn shops do not exist. Pawn loans can only be written in person by a licensed pawn broker. Many websites operated by jewelry stores and pawnshops claim to offer the best services and the highest payouts, however the truth is nothing beats dealing with professional jewelers and gemologists at a local pawn shop like Oceanside Jewelers . Next time you’re in San Diego or North County and searching pawn shops nearby, the best place to start is at your friendly local pawn shop, Oceanside Jewelers!


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